What Platform Is Us Nat Gas Traded On

What platform is us nat gas traded on

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Natural gas is a vital fuel, it currently supplies 22 per cent of the world's energy. Widely used for both commercial and industrial purposes, it is often chosen as an investment option by international investors seeking true asset class diversification in their portfolio.

According to the historical natural gas price chart, the commodity reached a record low of $1.04 in January 1992 and a record high of $15.78 in December 2005.

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Today, natural gas is considered one of the cleanest and safest fossil fuels available.

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It’s certainly a much more environmentally-friendly option than coal or petroleum. In the age of environmentalism, these unique properties of the commodity make it a popular energy choice. Consequently, investment in natural gas has increased in recent years.

Natural gas is used across the globe as an effective and inexpensive fuel for a variety of applications, from heating to cooking and in the generation of electricity.

What platform is us nat gas traded on

Every year, the world’s largest countries extract billions of cubic metres of the commodity.

Since the 2008 shale boom the United States has dominated the market as the world’s largest producer of natural gas. Today, the country operates over 900 public gas systems. Other major producers include Iran, Canada, Qatar, China and Russia, which supplies gas to Germany and the majority of Eastern Europe.

Natural gas is unique among commodities as its supply often does not meet the demand.

What platform is us nat gas traded on

Known as “seasonal mismatch,” demand is the highest and typically exceeds supply during the winter, while in summer months, demand is lower than the available supply.

Even small changes in the demand or supply of natural gas can cause significant price fluctuations.

The price highly depends on the production process, weather conditions, economic growth, storage supplies and substitutes, such as hydroelectric, wind and solar power.

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What platform is us nat gas traded on