Fusion Professional Trading Platform

Fusion professional trading platform

Fusion professional trading platform

We offer Fusion, Lightspeed and Sterling trading platforms – Your Choice!

There’s a reason why thousands of professional traders choose the Fusion direct market access trading platform. Fusion offers lightning fast order entry and trade execution, risk management tools, real-time quotes and market data, integrated news, charts and analytical tools, all within an easy to use yet highly customizable interface.

Fusion provides a variety of ways in which a trader can enter orders, from standard point-and-click to hot key order entry, making it adaptable to users of any trading style.

Fusion professional trading platform

Beyond order entry, Fusion’s power and ease of use is even more apparent in how orders can be processed. Using Fusion’s smart order routing technology, traders can enter a single order and achieve unbiased liquidity coverage, with a concurrent increase in the speed and efficiency with which orders are executed.

Cutting Your Execution Costs

The market is changing rapidly, and in ways that can leave uninformed traders drowning in costs. We educate our traders on which routes are best to use when adding or removing liquidity with market and limit orders.

Fusion professional trading platform

We pass through all routing charges AND REBATES to you, so understanding our various routing options can save you a lot of money in the long run.

We strive to keep your trading costs low which can increase your bottom line in a significant way.

We access more than 100 different routing strategies for our traders, and not all of them are created equal.

Fusion professional trading platform

We strive to help our traders trade as efficiently as possible, with among the lowest costs, to help maximize profit. Fusion can be customized for a wide range of strategies, aggressive and passive, with access to light pools, dark pools, smart order routing (SOR), and midpoints.


We arm our traders with the ability and knowledge to choose which routes are best for their personal trading style.

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