Electronic Platforms In Foreign Exchange Trading

Electronic platforms in foreign exchange trading

Electronic platforms in foreign exchange trading

Electronic Trading Platforms

Electronic Trading

INTL FCStone provides our clients with quick and convenient electronic access to the global precious metals markets via two proprietary trading platforms: PMXecute® and PMXecute+®. Both deliver trading experiences that are simple, reliable, intuitive and secure.


PMXecute® provides clients with real-time competitive pricing in both precious metals and foreign exchange – virtually 24 hours a day.

Electronic platforms in foreign exchange trading

Clients can create, view and track orders online, access live position analytics and monitor their margins with ease. This platform offers seamless execution and is backed by INTL FCStone’s global team of metals professionals.

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PMXecute+® is our unique premium-based proprietary platform connecting consumers and suppliers of physical gold.

Electronic platforms in foreign exchange trading

Efficient, transparent and automated, our online platforms leverages INTL's market leadership, relationships and technology to provide global market access.

  • One relationship, unparalleled network. PMXecute+® gives you access to INTL’s entire network and supply partners helping you find the best offers of metal across the world.
  • INTL is principal to all transactions booked on the platform.

    You continue to deal with INTL FCStone as your trusted counterparty, so there is no need to set up and maintain a new account.

  • Transparent real-time access to premium-based trading.
  • Efficient execution to satisfy your needs, improve efficiencies and manage costs.

    Electronic platforms in foreign exchange trading

    PMXecute+® gives you access to metal in various global locations, optimising freight costs and time.

  • Automated workflow from trade execution to post-trade processes to offer you a seamless experience.
  • Full audit trail for your reference.

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Electronic platforms in foreign exchange trading

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