Does Barclays Not Have A Normal Stock Trading Platform

Does barclays not have a normal stock trading platform

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Jeffpeace's Comment

Written on: 30/08/2017

Excellent criticism - I have been a happy customer of Barclays Stockbrokers for over ten years - their website was clear, efficient and easy-to-use (and separate from the Barclays Bank website) and I would always do 20+ trades a month to keep commission costs down to £5.95 (sometimes as many as 90 to 100 simple trades - that's probably around £5000 a year in commission that Barclays have had from me) - I used my Dell home computer.
Then a few months ago a new "smart investor" service was dreamed up with lots of positive spin, silly pictures keep me informed of how things were to be with my current account and my trading account now linked in one website - "smart investor" - on the Barclays Bank website.
Last week it happened - the change took place and it is like a bad dream - nothing but error messages - if you do eventually get in you are faced with a website that appears to have been designed by five-year olds (or perhaps a website designed for five-year olds to use) - it is overcomplicated, childish and full of inane and unnecessary features - perhaps an idiot with an IQ of 45 might appreciate it - I wonder that they don't incorporate some silly little game too !
Just as an example - a little line-graph to show you how your investments did last week - "your investments went up (down) by £xx last week" - do they really think that a reasonably intelligent investor needs to be told that, or perhaps like Compton472 suggests, they want to get rid of decent customers and attract naïve bored housewives (or five-year olds).
But what can one do - go somewhere else, I suppose.

It's a disgrace, nevertheless, that a supposedly reputable company could replace a decent, efficient website with a load of total inane garbage and pretend it's progress.

Does barclays not have a normal stock trading platform