Rock Options Trading System

Rock options trading system

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a complete beginner – this valuable strategy will give you the financial boost you’ve always dreamed of…

“A Mere $1000 Investment in Each Pick Returned $137,260.00”

Still going strong in 2017!


Dear trading colleague,

As real estate cools off, many people have found much better investments. Investments that can be made for less than $500.

Average people are quickly turning small amounts of spare cash into huge accounts without worrying about the real estate market. I’ll teach you how to do the same.

Rock options trading system

Once you learn this, then you can…

Make $1.5 Million in One Year Starting with Just $1000

This is possibly the most remarkable investing strategy that’s ever been developed. It’s safe, it uses powerful principles of leverage, and can make you a very large amount of money in a very short time.

Starting with $1000 invested per trade, and increasing the amount per trade with profits, would have resulted in $1.5 million in cash profits in just 12 months. I’ll explain in a minute how this is done. Please take the next 5 minutes to learn the details.

You Can Make Money In The Stock Market Regardless Of Economic Conditions – And It Doesn’t Matter If The Market Goes Up, Down, Or Sideways…

This investment vehicle is stock options.

Regardless of what you may have heard about stock options, please understand that my approach is completely different than anything you’ve seen before.

A great thing about stock options is that they let you profit in any market.

You can profit when prices are going up--and when prices are going down. Even in a volatile market, options let you ride the up-and-down roller coaster to your advantage.

Listen, you don't have to be a floor trader or a fund manager to put this to work for you. No matter what your background—whether you are in construction, teaching, civil service, sales, or office work—you can successfully trade options and earn a great income.

Ok, so you may be thinking, “The money sounds good, but I’ve read about options and didn’t really see how to make money from them.”

Look, I’m not talking about the standard, everyday stuff you find in every options trading book.

Go through ANY book in the library, on, or local book store on options and you’ll find the following…

  1. Basic introduction and glossary on options and option trading.
  2. Description of a dozen or more option trading techniques.

The only problem with those trading techniques is that you have to know what direction the underlying stock will be trading, and the time frame in which it will trade.

Without knowing “what and when” the price of stock will change, all those fancy trading techniques are worthless.

If you’ve read any stock option trading book you’ll agree with this.

$3690 Profit in Just 5 Days

Let me give you a real life example. Back in October one of my strategies indicated that Molecular Devices Corporation would be making a price jump within the next 5 days.

In fact, the price went from $20.50 to $24.26. If you had purchased 100 shares of the stock, your $2050 investment would have returned $376 profit minus commissions. Not bad.

Here’s what would have happened with the options. The option price was $1. The price 5 days later was $2.80. That same $2050 investment returned a profit of $3690.

And That, My Friend, Demonstrates the Power and Leverage You Get With Options.

Investment without risk does not exist.

Period. However, if you have at least a tiny bit of courage, what you are about to read is going to jump-start your dreams of financial and personal freedom.

When you combine the explosive profit potential with the safety of ‘controlled risk’ where, unlike most leverage instruments, you can never lose more money than you put up--it's practically a license to print money!

The Discovery and Refinement of a Highly Profitable Stock Pick Method

I’m going to tell you something I’m a bit ashamed of… I’ve lost money in the stock market.

More money than I’d like to remember. How did I lose it? You name it. “Professional” advisors, tips from friends and family, computerized systems, and so on.

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I finally got to the point of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. You’d think that a guy with an MBA in finance would know better.

I struck out on my own doing my own independent research, looking for something that would work. Countless hours were spent on dead ends. Finally things started to click and a successful technique was found.

“A Mere $1000 Investment in Each Pick Returned $137,260.00”

Several steps were involved in developing this trading strategy. First, a broad range of stocks were selected. This group of stocks consisted of all 500 stocks in the S&P 500 and over 300 other stocks from a variety of industries.

Stock data going back over 30 years for this group of 800+ stocks was analyzed with custom programmed software.

Certain reoccurring patterns were found and buy/sell rules were developed.

With this theoretical best buy/sell strategy, the next step was to apply this to all stocks listed in the New York Stock Exchange and the NSDAQ for the last 5 years.

The results were astounding, and I'll give you all the stats, but first, here is what this strategy is NOT:

  • It is NOT a trend following or any other technical indicator approach.
  • It is NOT a seasonal based approach.
  • It is NOT a cover-nothing, meaningless eBook.
  • It is NOT based on insider trading.
  • It is NOT a trading volume based approach.
  • It is NOT a fundamental indicator approach.

The Second Discovery

Flushed with the success of this first strategy, I had one more idea that needed testing.

Smb The Rock Options Trading System

Again, custom software was developed and the many hours of research paid off big-time with a second strategy even more powerful than the first one.

Amazing 6 Year Results

For the first system, buying just 100 shares of stock per trade netted $67,923 before commissions.

The average profit per trade was 3.1%.

Rock options trading system

Stocks were held just 30 days. 61.5% of the trades were winners.

For the second system, data was only available for about 2 years. 100 shares of stock per trade netted $147,389 before commissions.

The average profit per trade was 1.5%. Stocks were held just 5 days. 60% of the trades were winners.

The most powerful part of using these strategies is trading stock options.

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In order to be successful with stock option trading, not only must you pick the correct stock and direction (up or down) but you also must pick the time frame for the stock to move. You’ll learn strategies that do pick the stock, direction, and time period! This makes it a perfect approach to use on options.

The best way to show this is to take a look a few examples…

Back in January, Concur Technologies options traded at .45 each on the buy signal. Just 5 days later on the sell signal, the price jumped up to $1.30 for a quick $1888 net on $1000 invested.

The next day we had another winner.

Marinemax Inc. options cost .50 when the strategy indicated they would be spiking up within 5 days. Sure enough, 5 days later the options traded at $2.10.

Your $1000 investment produced $3200 in profits.


"Get a hold of this report..."

"This special stock market report has opened my eyes in a big way. For anyone who is "scared" of the stock market, get a hold of this report - even if it's the last thing you do.

The author has saved you 6 years upwards of time in investigating trade entry and exit points - and yes they work even better for options - which have the statistical backing of the last 6 years of stock market history.

SMB – The Rock Options Trading System

Not only does this system clearly demonstrate high yield yearly returns, but the author shows you how to do the trades piecemeal - in language that my 7 year old could really understand.

Follow his advice verbatim and there's no work for you to do - just a pure and simple system that has worked in the past.

Get it now, you will be instantly motivated to do something once you've been given the keys to success contained in this report."

Sam Beatson

Trading like this is NOT guesswork. Rather than second-guess patterns, you’ll learn how to trade only on indisputable facts.

Even better, the…

Two strategies combined produced $137,260.00 in 2 years with just $1000 invested per option trade.

Stocks don’t have to go up in price for you to make big money from options. You can profit just as easily when stock prices go down. In fact, a substantial amount of the profits we've made over the last year have come from buying put options, which let you profit when stock prices fall.

For example, in October the strategy clearly indicated that General Motors price would drop within 5 days.

Although the stock price only dropped from $29.77 to $29.47, the put option went from $1.05 to $1.90. A $3000 investment produced a $2400 profit in only 5 days.

I’ll teach you exactly how to find these same kinds of trades. You may even decide to quit your job like many of us have done. In fact, I’ll prove to you this works and you won’t risk one cent to find out.

You’ll learn just how powerful this strategy is by practicing on paper first.

Paper trading will convince you beyond the shadow of doubt that this works big time.

Rock options trading system

After that, you can begin small with just $200 - $300 per trade. As your confidence and account grows, you can increase your trade size and…

Make a Ton of Money In the Stock Market Trading Safe, Low-Risk, High-Return Options!

"Very simple and precise..."

"Great stock trading information!

Rock options trading system

Your book is very simple and to the point. You give us the easy formula
and the location to find all the information we need to make our trades.

Rock options trading system

You leave no questions on when to make the trade and when to get out. Very simple and precise, just the way I like it.

Thanks again for the great system"

Greg S.

With over 9,000 actively traded stocks, finding the few that are the sure-fire winners isn’t easy.

On top of that, you have to pick the right direction AND time frame. That’s what makes option trading so difficult AND so profitable when you get it right.

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If you’re right about the direction but off by a few days or weeks on the time frame, you lose.

Arch Coal Inc. is a perfect example. Back in April the strategy indicated that the price would go up within the next 5 days. The stock price was at $93.50 and 5 days later it had increased modestly to $94.99. Meanwhile, the options went from $7 to $31.60. A $1000 investment returned $3514 in profit in just 5 days.

I’ll show you exactly how to find the right stocks and you’ll know the exact time frame that will be profitable.

And the best part is you’ll…

Find Winning Trades in Just 4 Minutes Per Day

These strategies are the essence of simplicity. It will take literally 4 minutes per day to check for any new potential trades. This is done at your leisure, after the market is closed or before it opens.

And you don’t need to rely on anyone. Just use the free data that is available at several web sites, plus whatever stock broker you want.

Three key benefits of options trading:


Your risk can be limited to a small amount.
2. Your profit potential can be unlimited with six-figure annual incomes within reach!
3. You can easily profit in market up-moves or down-moves.

Can I be frank with you?

There’s a reason you’re reading this right now. And the reason is probably because your 401K has been blown away. Or you’re reading this because you’ve been through too many seminars that tell you how you can use charts, lines, graphs, and analysis to “get in” at just the right spot and make a fortune.

But unfortunately, you were never quite able to make the plays the same way the “guru” did them.

Am I right?

The reason you’re reading this right now is because you’re not satisfied with your current financial situation! And I’m here to tell you that…

A Big Reason Your Current Financial Situation is Unsatisfactory is a Result of all the Brainwashing Advice From the Wall Street “Experts” in Their Books, TV Shows, Blogs, Infomercials, and Newsletters!

Listen, if you’ve tried to make money with stocks and have bounced around from one thing to another—IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT

There’s no need to blame yourself for all the confusing hype out there, but unless you flush this misinformation out of your brain, your finances will remain the same. Just say NO to the wasted hours on Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastics, MACD, regression lines, moving averages, histograms, expensive real-time quote feeds, candlesticks, balance sheets, debt ratios, support and resistance levels, pennants, double bottoms, or triple tops!

The two strategies in my manual will free you from all the complicated and confusing analysis you’ve been fed.

Plus you’ll break free from the dependency of following “experts” that generate picks by who knows what method.

You’ll have in your possession a double edged sword to carve out huge chunks of profits that are just waiting for you to claim. Profits that will promote you into the elite world of the super-wealthy.

Stock Options: The Secret Weapon of the Super-Wealthy

How much money can you make trading stock options? There really is no limit...

After all, once you're confident with these strategies, there's nothing to stop you from rolling earlier profits into future trades by taking multiple positions.

Take for example the trade in July for Jarden Corp.

My strategy showed that the price would increase within the next 30 days. One lot of call options cost $130. Thirty days later you could have sold those same options for $760.

Rock options trading system

A nice $630 profit on $130 invested.

So, instead of making $630 in profits on a single-position trade, like we did with Jarden, you could potentially make $3,150 with 5 positions...$6,300 on a 10-postion trade...or $31,500 when you take 50 positions.


Hardly. I’ll teach you how to identify stock option trades just like the Jarden trade. No calculations, no chart interpretations, no guessing. It’s 100% objective and mechanical.  Just check two (free) web pages and call or enter the trade with your broker.

Average, everyday people make thousands on option trades just like the example.

The Rock Options Trading System

Once you learn the strategy, can you do the same? I know you can. I will train and prepare you to profit. You’ll finally break free from being at the mercy of the gurus and newsletters.

The entire strategy for this unique trading method has been laid out in detail in this easy to follow manual. This manual will turn you into a self-reliant, successful stock option investor.

You'll get all the tools, everything you need, to go out and do it ...

immediately and make profitable trades. Which leads to an important point...

There are no other tools, software, subscriptions, or anything else you need to find the picks. Just free data that is available at several web sites, plus whatever stock broker you want to use is all you need.

With the launch of these strategies, making money in the market is SOLVED.

Game OVER.

I could go on and on, but there are only three things you need to know:

  • Number one: That you can make a lot of money in a short period of time.
  • Number two: That it’s easy to follow these systems.
  • Number three: That it won't cost you an arm and leg to learn this.

Point Number 1: You Can Make a Lot of Money in a Short Period of Time

Just $1000 per option trade returned $137,260 in 2 years. Imagine what the total could have been if you had increased the amount per trade as your account grew.

At the end of each month, adjusting your per option trade amount to 5% of your capital, your account would be over $1.5 million by the end of the year.

Point Number 2: It’s Easy to Follow These Systems…

…very easy in fact. I’ve done all the tedious hard work in developing, checking and re-checking the results. Your job will be to simply check two free websites to see if there are any possible trades for the next day.

Do it at your leisure, anytime day or night before the market opens the next day.

Closing the positions is even easier. This is because all trades are held for a fixed period of time. You’ll know the exact day even before you place the trade. So when the date arrives for the trade to be closed, simply notify your broker to close the trade.

Point Number 3: It Won’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg to Learn This

I’ll teach you everything for a small, affordable price.

In fact, …

I’ve Cut the Price to the Bone to Make it as Affordable as Possible for You

There are many option trading services, subscriptions, and advisories that sell for over $1000 per year. Even at those prices they can be worth it, if they work. The problem is most don’t. They simply present unproven rehashed technical analysis.

Anything can and does work some of the time.

What you’ll be learning is different though, because they are based on 30 years of data.


Rock solid numbers that held up for three decades.

Even if you paid $1000 for my manual, you could easily make your money back in a matter of days based on the track record, so I’d say it’s easily worth that.

But since my manual is designed for investors that want returns like the high-powered investors, but want to start out small, I’ve set the price at a very reasonable one-time fee of just $225.

Here's a Summary of these Strategies


  • You'll take just 4 minutes per DAY to check for new trades.
  • You'll never have to make split second decisions while the market is open as to what to do.
  • This is 100% mechanical.

    No interpretation of numbers, charts, or anything else to make the picks.

  • Nothing more to purchase or subscribe to. Everything you need is available for free on the internet.
  • Any stock broker that can buy U.S.

    stocks or options can be used.

  • Backed by 30 years of data and 6 years of results.
  • All trades last just 5 to 30 days.


"No more reinventing the wheel!..."

"No more reinventing the wheel!

The Stock and Option Investing book goes a long way by providing not only insightful information, but also tried and tested scientific results.

Read the info in the book, and I mean READ it carefully, and be on your way to making profitable trades."

Franklin Taniredjo

So there you have it. Readers love this manual. They are making good money following the strategy.

And I know you will too.

What is the Rock Trading System?

All you need to do is order it today. When you do, you will get...

  • Unlimited email support.
  • Your personal copy shipped via Priority Mail.

  • All trades with the exact entry date, exit date, and net profit for 6 years.
  • Complete step by step instructions on how to find these trades.
  • All the links to the resources you need to find the trades.

Free Bonus When You Order Today…

Stock Option Secrets v3.5

The stock options calculator that computes under pricing/overpricing of stock options so you consistently can buy stock options that are under priced.

Here are a few of the many features:

  • Compute fair prices
  • Find Delta/Gamma/Vega
  • Find implied volatility
  • Find historical volatility
  • Find probability for price reaching a target level
  • Find implied forward price/implied price
  • Test impact of an up trend in stock
  • Find probability of option expiring worthless
  • Find probability of profit
  • Find probability of loss
  • Find average profit for your option strategy
  • Find average loss for your option strategy
  • Test different options strategies
  • Many more...

(PC Software, OS Windows 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7)

After just 30 minutes of reading the manual,  you’ll feel a new sense of clarity about your investments and future.

The long-held secrets of the wealthy insiders — strategies to build a profit-churning portfolio will become obvious. As you begin to follow the strategies, your net worth will start to increase rapidly — and continue to compound — even while you sleep.

The one thing I urge you to do is act quickly. Don’t miss out on any of the upcoming profitable trades.

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"...already made 50% on my first trade!"


This system is fantastic! I started using it two weeks ago, and I already made 50% on my first trade! I really want to thank you for sharing this amazing system with me."


Robert Dickson



"...I was able to make a profit of 46.1% within 3 days."


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This book is simple to understand (no long-winded theories) and it works! This book shows you which are the stock that has the most potential to raise based on studies from the past 30 years.

By using the secret revealed in this book (which compliment my own screening techniques), I was able to make a profit of 46.1% within 3 days.

This was from buying/selling call options in BER and ATW between 4 Apr to 6 Apr 06.

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You can check the history charts to see that this stock movement to verify my claim. And the best part is I only spent a total 10 minutes of my time for this trade.

For serious traders who knows how to control risk (eg. with stop lost, profit taking etc.), this amazing book could open up any window of potential profit for you! Get it but hide the knowledge well."

Keith Choy

"I've already identified some great looking trading opportunities..."

Before I opened your book I fully expected to see a number of the usual rehashed strategies that have been around in one form or another for so many years.

As soon as I started reading though, I could see that this was something very different.

Although it's a simple strategy which is easy to learn and easy to implement, your research proves just how accurate the system has been over many years and how profitable it can be using short term options.

I've already identified some great looking trading opportunities and look forward to making some great profits over the coming months and years.

Chris Towland

Here's My 100% Money-Back
Guarantee for FOUR FULL MONTHS

Full Performance Guarantee

Because these systems are so incredibly effective and because I believe in them so strongly, I fully guarantee their performance.

Check this out…

Read my manual. Paper trade for one, two, or three months. Email me as often as you want if you need help.

If any month is not profitable send the manual back with your paper trades, and I’ll send you all your money. Take up to 4 months to test it out.

You see my entire mission in developing this system was meeting and exceeding your needs.

And I'm staking my integrity on delivering on that promise.

Does that sound fair to you? I hope so.

SMB-The Rock Options Trading System Course

Look, I've poured everything I have and know into this manual. This product enjoys success for a reason. It works. So you can order the Stock and Option Investing manual today... put it through the wringer and milk it for all it's worth during this extended 4-month "trial run."

I hope you're convinced enough to give it a try because I believe you're going to enjoy profiting from this kind of opportunity.

In fact, I predict learning these strategies will give you the most fun you've ever had in the markets. Even more importantly, you'll discover more about making big money on options than you ever thought possible. Just as soon as you let me send you the manual.


A Proven Method To Stock and Options Profits ANYONE Can Master

Now Just $225

2 Easy Ways To Order...

1. Click one of the links below to order with credit card or echeck via PayPal

2. Click here to order by mail

(Note: shipping and handling charge will be added to the purchase price.

$10 for domestic shipping (USA), $30 for international shipping)


Remember that the small fee for these strategies is a ONE TIME fee. You’ll learn exactly how to master stock option trading without being locked into a reoccurring subscription.


This trading system is the real deal. Results don't lie. I've tested every trading method under the sun. So take my stock system for a spin. Paper trade it. Verify the past results. Then within four months of your purchase, if my system didn't deliver, let me know and get a full refund.

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