Public Exchange Bringing Usd To Cryptocurrency Trading To The Masses

Public exchange bringing usd to cryptocurrency trading to the masses

Public exchange bringing usd to cryptocurrency trading to the masses

Cpublic Set To Disrupt Crypto Exchange Industry With Launch Of Exchange And ICO Platform

Wyoming based Cpublic Exchange is bringing cryptocurrency trading to the masses with the release of a groundbreaking exchange and ICO. This is in response to the markets demand for a regulated and licensed exchange with high levels of transparency.

The digital asset exchange platform will be supported by the Cpublic Exchange Gold (CPG) initial coin offering.

Public exchange bringing usd to cryptocurrency trading to the masses

The platform has already acquired bank exchange and token sales permits and it will be available with features including USD to crypto exchange capabilities. Cpublic will become one of the four exchanges in the United States to offer fiat to crypto exchange services and it aims to capitalize on this alongside a retail friendly approach to gain footing in the market. Cpublic will have offices in California, New York and Cheyenne.

An analysis of the current service solutions by the Cpublic team found lack of liquidity, inadequate customer service, difficulty of use and inadequate preparation to handle incoming regulatory changes as the main challenges facing majority of exchanges.

The Cpublic platform was developed with this issues in mind resulting in a secure and efficient exchange that exceeds user expectations.


The Cpublic team consists of experts with prior experience in building Forex, NASDAQ and several other popular crypto exchanges. The team is well equipped to deliver a superior platform with a variety of order types, attributes and trading pairs that is suitable for both new and experienced traders.

It has been noted from previous bull markets that an increase in users could result in uptime.

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To ensure the Cpublic exchange platform does not go offline as a result of increased user numbers, the exchange load-tested a million transactions per second with up to 100,000 simultaneous user per instant. The result is a scalable and surge-proof exchange that can withstand a bull market.

The CPG token will be used to cover in platform fees including deposit and withdrawal, margin and new token listing fees.

Public exchange bringing usd to cryptocurrency trading to the masses

Cpublic’s user friendly features and USD exchange pairs are set to attract more users on the platform resulting in an increased demand for the CPG tokens.

The tokens are currently available for sale on the Cpublic Exchange Gold token sale after which they will be available only on the Cpublic exchange. Early investors get an opportunity to get the tokens at a discount. The token sale is expected to be concluded later this year and the exchange opened for trading in January.

The current exchange market is dominated by Binance which registers the highest trade volumes.

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It however lacks USD trading pairs and has had a few technical challenges when user traffic is high. Exchanges offer a great business opportunity with an estimated 9 million users and close to USD 1 billion in annual profits.

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The Cpublic platform will be a direct competitor with existing platforms such as Bittrex, Kraken and Coinbase which all offer USD trading pairs. The Cpublic team is hopeful that the platform will win over traders with its high level of security and robustness to become the leading crypto exchange platform.

ICORating recently released a report that found most existing exchanges including Binance lacking in user security.

Cpublic takes advantage of this gap and provides solutions to better secure user assets.

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It is also built to support Security tokens, which are considered the next big thing in cryptocurrency assets. More details on the exchange can be found on Cpublic’s whitepaper or their website.

Public exchange bringing usd to cryptocurrency trading to the masses