Multi Exchange Crypto Trading Review

Multi exchange crypto trading review

What Is Quadency?

Quadency is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is focused into “making crypto trade human”. This new platform offers you the chance to trade many different tokens with a single click and to make fast transactions with other investors who want to trade.

Multi exchange crypto trading review

The company that has created the platform is based in New York City, in the United States.

How Quadency Multi-Crypto Exchange Works

This platform enables you to link your exchange account from many companies like KuCoin, Poloniex, GDAX, Bitfinex, Kraken, Binance, Bittrex and Gemini on a single platform that you can also use for trading.

The main perk of using Quadency is to centralize your portfolio in a single place if are afraid of missing the best prices of many different exchanges, what has the potential to upgrade your trading techniques.

This platform has a comprehensive set of trading tools that you can use like advanced trading charts and order management that is very easy to use.

Quadency Trading Tools & Market Charts Advantages

By using Quadency, you will be able to visualize your portfolio better. If you have currencies among many platforms, it can be very easy to be lost and not able to track them well.

Multi exchange crypto trading review

Quadency offers you the option to know what percentage of your holding are in a certain token and how they are performing against each other.

The analytics provided by this company can offer you excellent insights into how the marketing is working at a certain time and this will help you to trade.

Whether you like to hold tokens or are an active trader, this software can definitely help you and solve some issues that you might face while trading and give you a more in-depth grasp of how good is your portfolio.

This product was created to be intuitive and with a clean interface, “smart” so it shows you whatever you need to see, reliable, scalable and secure.

Multi exchange crypto trading review

Quadency uses 2FA protection and end-to-end encryption as ways to protect your money while using the platform.

How To Use Quadency?

If you are interested, you can use Quadency for free right now. Just make a pre-registration on the company’s site and you will be able to access the features that this company is offering right now.

After the testing period, Quadency’s services will become paid and you will have to pay to use the platform, so this free trial is a good chance for you to test it before you decide if it is worth your money.

You will even have the chance to get a Forever Free account.

There are a limited number of these accounts that will be given to random early adopters.

Quadency Verdict

Quadency seems to be a good platform.

Multi exchange crypto trading review

It looks reliable, does not raise any type of red flag that would indicate a scam and seems to be easy to use. In all, this looks to be a platform that you can really use to manage your crypto assets in a simpler way and be able to obtain profits.

As there is no investment needed to use the platform, you might give it a chance if you became interested while reading this review.

It is not like you have anything to lose in case you do not like it.

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