Learn To Trade Forex Price Action By Chris Capre

Learn to trade forex price action by chris capre

Trading Price Action Book

Chris Capre has spent over 10 years and 20,000+ hours reading and trading price action. He has examined thousands of examples of patterns in the markets, along with volumes of quantitative data on specific price action patterns, volatility and environments.

It is due to this experience Chris Capre has a developed a unique perspective on price action which is why Chris has decided to write a book called Trading Price Action, set to be released in late 2012 published through Harriman House.

What’s Inside the Book?

In the book Trading Price Action, you will learn price action strategies and methods based upon 10 years of quantitative data to give you a better understanding of how to trade price action in any environment.

Some examples of what you will learn in the book are;

What is Price Action?
5 Tools for Interpreting & Trading Price Action
Unique Price Action Environments
Quantitative Data on Price Action
Strategies for Trading Price Action

To learn more about how Chris approaches price action, he has a library of free recordings for his webinars on price action trading, along with 100’s of videos and articles on forex price action trading.

Price Action - Advanced Price Action Trading Strategies