How To Trade Bitcoin With Little Equity

How to trade bitcoin with little equity

If you’ve seen the Bitcoin boom and wondered how you can get a piece of that action, here’s all the help you need

When I first heard about Bitcoin a couple of years ago, I dismissed it as just another fad like many others obviously did.

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Then last year the cryptocurrency skyrocketed to a point where no one could ignore it. By the time I was ready to jump onto the Bitcoin bandwagon, it was already trading at a then-record high of $2,200, which is why I tried to find out everything I could about the cryptocurrency.

Even though I mentally was ready to trade – even pictured myself in a shiny new Lamborghini – I realized I didn’t know the first thing about trading and didn’t have the money to lose in case it all went downhill.

How to trade bitcoin with little equity

Today, despite many experts saying the bubble would burst, one bitcoin is worth a little over $10,000. So naturally, there are hordes of people yearning to either own the cryptocurrency or trade in it. Most, like myself, don’t know how.

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If you live in Dubai and want to get started on cryptocurrency trading, head over to ActivTrades.

The minute we know that a client with little-to-no trading knowledge has walked through the door, irrespective of how much money they may have, we do not encourage them to trade straightaway,” says Georges Batrouni, ActivTrades Middle East Office Manager.

“The alternative we offer is an online trading academy we recently launched with webinars to help educate potential traders with three levels: a beginner’s batch, an intermediate batch and an expert’s batch.”

Georges, and by virtue ActivTrades, believes those webinars will provide aspiring cryptocurrency traders with the right tools to get going.

How to trade bitcoin with little equity

Besides the webinars, the UK-based online trading company also hosts training seminars in DIFC, Dubai. “The hope is that our clients can meet the rest of the team while absorbing as much knowledge as possible when it comes to trading and cryptocurrency,” Georges says.

The best training exercise, however, is the demo account ActivTrades gives its clients. “These demo accounts contained unlimited virtual money that clients can use to trade without the risk of losing their funds,” Georges explains.

How to trade bitcoin with little equity

“This will help them get a feel of what online trading is like.”

Anyone harbouring hopes of trading online would do well to give ActivTrades a go. And don’t worry, all their classes are free. The demo accounts and the classes are free because we feel that, as a company, we have a responsibility to educate society and our investors,” Georges says.

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“Putting barriers like prices on education will only make people want to go about doing this by themselves. That’s not something we want on our conscience.”

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