How To Trade Bitcoin With Coinigy

How to trade bitcoin with coinigy

How to trade bitcoin with coinigy

Coinigy is a trading platform available on desktop and mobile devices. Read our Coinigy review today to find out how it works.

What is Coinigy?

Coinigy is an all-in-one digital currency trading platform.

How to trade bitcoin with coinigy

Using the Coinigy desktop or mobile app, you can trade on 45+ of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges from just one secure account.

Overall, Coinigy promises to make digital currency trading effortless, safe, and smart. The platform was made by Coinigy Inc., based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Coinigy isn’t free.

How to trade bitcoin with coinigy

You’ll pay $15 per month for the Pro Trader program. The company also offers a 30 day trial where you can test virtually all of the core program’s features for free (the only trial restriction is that you have a restricted session length).

Today, Coinigy connects you to some of the world’s most popular, highest-volume bitcoin exchanges, including Bittrex, BTC China, BTC-e, Coinmate, Gatecoin, Gemini, Huobi, Kraken, LakeBTC, Livecoin, OKCoin, Poloniex, and Yunbi.

How to trade bitcoin with coinigy

Pretty much all of the best-known bitcoin exchanges can be found on Coinigy.

Coinigy Features

Here are some of the core features on Coinigy:

  • Trade on 45+ exchanges, including most of the world’s biggest and highest-volume exchanges, as well as plenty of smaller regional exchanges (you can view the full list of supported exchanges here)
  • Enjoy mobile access through Coinigy for Android (Coinigy for iOS is listed as “coming soon”)
  • 24/7 exchange and wallet portfolio monitoring
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Built on Google Datacenters
  • Access more than 75+ technical indicators
  • Trade directly from the chart on any exchange you like
  • Trigger SMS, email, and in-browser price alerts powered by low-latency, co-located datafeeds
  • Get instant access to real-time API and historical data, including enterprise-grade data feeds for individuals and institutions
  • Connect your account with apps and third-party integrations (Google Sheets, CryptoTicker, ArbMatrix, Bitcoin Chart Scanner, and SocialScanner are all supported, with new plugins and apps added regularly)
  • 24/7 customer support via live chat and the help desk
  • Fully SHA-256 encrypted protection
  • Bitcoin is “hands-off, stored safely at the exchange or in your own wallet” (the company doesn’t mention anything about cold storage)
  • Built with enterprise-grade security on a multi-tiered server architecture

Coinigy Pricing

Coinigy offers just one simple plan called “Pro Trader”.

Before signing up for that plan, you can enjoy a 30 day free trial.

How To Enter Your First Trade on Coinigy V2 (Tutorial)

Here’s how the two packages break down:

Pro Trader ($15 Per Month)

  • Unlimited trading with no added fees
  • 24/7 portfolio management
  • Mobile app access
  • High-definition charting
  • 75+ technical indicators
  • 24/7/365 security and stability
  • Unlimited API accounts
  • Unlimited chart layouts
  • Unlimited support
  • Access to the ArbMatrix App
  • Unlimited session length

30 Day Trial (Free)

  • All of the same features as the Pro Trader account
  • Limited session length

The 30 day trial isn’t restricted in any way, aside from the shorter session length.

Trial traders have access to all of the same tools and features of the platform, so it gives you a complete look at Coinigy before you buy.

About Coinigy, Inc.

Coinigy, Inc. is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wiscnosin at the following address:

310 E Buffalo St, Suite 120
Milwaukee, WI 53202

You can contact the company by phone at 1-414-301-2289.

The company is led by Founder and CEO Robert Borden and Founder and President William Kehl.

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In July 2016, the company announced that it had raised $400,000 in seed funding, which came about a year after the company initially announced it had raised $100,000 in funding.

The funding was used to develop Coinigy 2.0, an updated version of the original Coinigy platform that launched in 2016.

Coinigy Conclusion

Coinigy is a cryptocurrency trading platform that lets users trade digital currencies on 45+ exchanges around the world – including most major players like Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, etc.

The platform is priced at $15 per month, although there’s a 30 day trial that lets you access all of the features of the platform (with a restricted session length).

Coinigy does more than just facilitate trading on multiple exchanges from a single account: the platform also provides access to intense research materials regarding the cryptocurrency industry.

There are over 75 indicators viewable from within the platform, giving you a detailed technical analysis of where you can expect bitcoin to go.

Overall, Coinigy is an all-in-one trading platform unlike anything else in the cryptocurrency community.

You can access the platform online through, or download the app for Android.

How to trade bitcoin with coinigy

The app is also scheduled to be released for iOS in the near future.