How To Set Up Forex News Gun

How to set up forex news gun

After many years using an existing thread on FF, I have decided to start a new thread for the Automated version of AmazingEA to make it easier to download the latest version etc.

How to set up forex news gun

which will always be accessible from this first post.

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AmazingEA (Auto) is a Straddle Trading Program for MetaTrader 4 and 5 that places Buy and Sell Stop Orders respectively above and below the current price of a Currency Pair.

It has a timer and the idea is to setup a Straddle just prior to major News events.

From Version 8 onwards, event setup is automated.

How to set up forex news gun

The EA can download upcoming events from the Forex Factory News Calendar, and setup the timer for trading without intervention.

Although versions earlier than 8.00 were free, the Automatic version 8.00 onwards requires a license to use Live.

The Demo version is still free.
The EA will be delivered in EX4 / EX5 format and coded to a minimum 6 characters of text contained in the account name.

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This means you can use it on multiple accounts as long as they have the coded text in the Account Name.

Licenses are available through the AmazingEA website, please see for details.

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The major new feature in Version 9 onwards is the ability to self load all settings including:-

1) Automatically load upcoming News Events from the FF Calendar
2) Decide whether to trade each event
3) Choose which Currency Pair to use
4) Load all Trading Parameters Settings

This means you can choose whether to load the EA on 1 chart and let the settings spreadsheet dictate which events to trade.

Or load it on multiple charts and restrict the News Events to just those Pairs.

How to set up forex news gun

Other settings can still be loaded from the Spreadsheet. From 9.02, by default, the EA will *not* load settings from the Spreadsheet.

How to set up forex news gun

If you are a new user, I highly recommend that you don't use this self loading feature until you are comfortable with the basics of how to setup the EA.



  1. Automatic trading based on Forex Factory News Calendar (most widely used Calendar available since 2009)
  2. Multiple Charts trading the same Event and same Currency Pair
  3. Automatic Filter by Currency or Impact
  4. Include/Exclude Events with Specific Phrases
  5. Manual Time Override to trade at specific time
  6. Manual Currency Override to trade CNY events etc.

    using AUD or another Currency

  7. Automatic loading of Settings from spreadsheet in CSV format in MQL4/Files
  8. Load once on a chart and Trade any available Currency Pair
  9. Automatic Magic Number (to prevent interfering with other Trades)
  10. Automatic Spread Monitoring / Tick File Recording / Log File Recording
  11. Works on 4 or 5 digit brokers.
  12. Can use Brokers Clock or Local PC Clock
  13. Early Trade Trigger Prevention
  14. No Trade Trigger Prevention
  15. Break-Even Code
  16. Trailing Stop Code (can be used even while in Loss)
  17. Built-in accurate Risk Management Calculations
  18. Over-Spread Protection
  19. Over-Slippage Protection
  20. Stop Loss and Take Profit Reset to counteract Slippage.
  21. Trade Direction Override
  22. Trade using Previous Candles Highs/Lows

The latest version includes many features which can be used (or disabled) and is coded for MT4 and MT5.
I have published Read-Me Instructions and FAQ/Troubleshooter in the attached zip-file.

You can download the zip-file containing the latest version by visiting my website:-

Or download it from this post.

I also plan to post what I will be trading on the AmazingEA website and on Twitter (@Alan111S).

I have recently attached an 'AmazingEA MT4' which contains the Charts and Settings that I use in the Trade Explorer system above!

Just unzip it into the MT4\profiles directory and change the profile to 'AmazingEA'.

Best of Luck !

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