How To Say Cryptocurrency In Spanish

How to say cryptocurrency in spanish

In today’s how to speak Spanish blog post, I will teach you the following:


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How to Say Hat in Spanish
2. How to Say Cap in Spanish

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How to Say Hoody in Spanish
4. How to Say Skimask in Spanish

How to say cryptocurrency in spanish

How to Say Helmet in Spanish
6. How to Say Beret in Spanish

Do you remember that blog post that I made where I said that it is a common mistake for English speakers to refer to any garment that covers the head as a “sombrero”?

After I sent that blog post, I realized that there are THREE (3) more very important words that I overlooked, and I hear the words used very often by Spanish speakers.

How to say cryptocurrency in spanish

The first word is “cachucha.” Both “cachucha” and “gorra” mean cap.

The second word is “capucha.” “Capucha” means “hood” as in a hood that you can use to cover your head and that’s attached to a jacket.

And the third word is “boina.” “Boina” means beret (traditional French cap).

So now you have a total of 8 Spanish words for different types of headgear:


How To Say Cap In Spanish

1.) Cachucha – cap

Mi papá me compró una cachucha con el emblema de mi equipo favorito de béisbol.

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(My dad bought me a cap with the emblem of my favorite baseball team.)


How To Say Hoody In Spanish

2.) Capucha – hood that is attached to a jacket

Besides “capucha” you may also hear some Spanish speakers use the word “caperuza” for hood or hoody. Do you know how to say Little Red Riding Hood in Spanish?

Caperucita roja (Little red riding hood)

***Be careful not to confuse the words “cachucha” and “capucha.” “Cachucha” means cap.

How to say cryptocurrency in spanish

And “capucha” means hood.***


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How To Say Hat In Spanish

3.) Sombrero – hat with a brim but without a visor.

“Sombrero” can also refer to the type of big hat that is worn by the “vaqueros” (cowboys) from Mexico, who are better known as “los charros” (the Mexican Cowboys).


4.) Gorra – A brimless head covering with a visor or what most English speakers would call a “cap.” Such as a New York Yankees cap.

Estoy llevando una gorra de los Yankees de Nueva York.

(I am wearing a New York Yankees cap.)

5.) Gorro – A small, brimless close-fitting cap, often worn to protect one from the cold.

How to say cryptocurrency in spanish

Many English speakers would refer to this as a skull cap or a beanie (but not the type worn for religious purposes).


How To Say Skimask In Spanish

6.) Pasamontañas – skimask


How To Say Beret In Spanish

7.) Boina – beret

How To Say Helmet In Spanish

8.) Casco – helmet