How To Know If I Can Trade Options Thinkorswim

How to know if i can trade options thinkorswim

How To Trade Options On thinkorswim 2019 - TD Ameritrade thinkorswim Tutorial

Within the platform follow Trade > All Products. At the bottom left of this section, click on the up-arrow tab to open the "Order Entry Tools".

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In the “Order Entry” section, towards the right, click the drop-down menu below the “Order” column and choose Limit. No other order types are allowed.

In the “Time In Force” (TIF) column, you must select a pre-market or post-market option.

How to know if i can trade options thinkorswim

The options will vary depending on your account settings.

If your account is set to Basic features, you can choose between AM (pre-market), PM (post-market), or EXT (Extended Hours).

If your account is set to Advanced features, you will only see the EXT (Extended Hours) option.

Setting the Time In Force to EXT indicates that an order will work for all three sessions (pre-market, regular market hours, and post-market) regardless of when the order was placed.

Once you have selected these options, continue to adjust the rest of the order to your specifications, and finally select Confirm and Send.

Note: this process can be followed anywhere an order can be placed on the platform, it is not limited to the Trade > All Products tab.