How To Investin Ipo

How to investin ipo

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Mindset affects everything!

At first, I was a little hesitant and unsure of what to make of Chris and Chris’ advice. The best place to get advice on HOW to achieve financial freedom is from those who are already there! This sounds like common sense.

How to investin ipo

But only until I took this to heart was I able to make sense of the valuable lessons from Chris and Chris.

I considered my coworkers knowledgeable when it came to personal finance because they’ve all had 401ks longer than I have and their perspective on personal finance rubbed off on me. However, It took me a while to realize that everyone I knew and considered knowledgeable about finance – didn’t know a thing about achieving financial freedom early.

How to investin ipo

They are ALL on the track to retire around 65. So no matter how well intentioned or knowledgeable my family or coworkers might be, they cannot advise on what they do not know; I needed to look elsewhere – once I realized that my personal development skyrocketed!

I now see a lot of value in this podcast because my personal development process all started with changing my mindset and how to think.

How to investin ipo

Ultimately, the way you think creeps into everything, every goal you set, every action you take, every opportunity or risk you face. However, changing the your mindset is not just changing what’s convenient, but changing your perspective on life; I would even go as far as saying changing your lifestyle or way of life.


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how you spend your money, how you spend each hour in the day, how your inner dialogue sounds, etc.). This podcast is a very good step to starting your course towards financial freedom or speeding it along!

Thanks for teaching and keep the podcasts coming!

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