How To Invest 10000 In Cryptocurrency

How to invest 10000 in cryptocurrency

How to invest 10000 in cryptocurrency

In this article, I will compose the most proficient method to invest in digital currency (cryptocurrency) in Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia or any other place in the world. Actually on the off chance that you ask any child what bitcoin is? They will let you know they’ve heard about it, regardless of whether they don’t know what it is.

How to invest 10000 in cryptocurrency

This is simply to tell us the fame of bitcoin these days.

If anyone came to you 3 year ago and offer you a chance to invest in Bitcoin, I’m very certain alot of us will reject that offer.

In any case, presently am sure you won’t make such a similar error.

Different Types Of Cryptocurrency

That is the more reason I’ve thought of this article on the most proficient method to invest and profit with cryptocurrency any where In The world.

Investing in Cryptocurrency 

I mean this thing (bitcoin) was sold for only 200k or more a year ago and its value more than 7m the next year!

It astonishing.

I know how you feeling. Be that as it may, don’t stress in the event that you are shrewd this time around this open door won’t pass you once more.


Tips for Investing Responsibly

Since I will give you access on a mystery the majority don’t have the foggiest idea. In the hands of others, this mystery may cost you something before you could gain it.

How to invest 10000 in cryptocurrency

Be that as it may, not to stress things hard i will make this simple for you. Alright, so I require your aggregate consideration now. The mystery I’m going to let you know isn’t to invest in bitcoin however invest in different cryptocurrencies.

Try not to get this the other way round on the grounds that bitcoin still has a huge value here.

How (and Where) to Invest in Cryptocurrency

In all actuality, an opportunity to invest in bitcoin has passed. Let say you invest in it last 5years or most recent four years or even a year ago, you could have made a lot of cash from it now.

Don’t worry, not all hope is gone.

Vaxla in mynt mot valuta forex

This year hundreds of smaller cryptocurrency have popped up and they are still popping up every day. But if you are like most people, you won’t do anything about it.

The good thing is you are not and that’s why I’m writing this article for you.

How to invest in the smaller cryptocurrency

I will give you examples of other cryptocurrencies that could have made you serious money this year only if you were informed:


Ethereum just like bitcoin is a quick developing Cryptocurrency which is nearly as prominent as bitcoin is today.

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Ethereum was discharge in July 2015 and it was sold for not as much as a dollar until late 2016 and mid 2017 preceding the value begins taking off.

Imagine you could secure $100 Ethereum which is more than 100 Ether coin in 2015 or 2016!

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency

A solitary ether coin is currently fetched at N252, 412Million . That is $688 from only a dollar in 2015! Presently imagine you have a 100 ether coin and duplicate it with $688 well you can crunch the numbers yourself.

The good thing is you don’t need to purchase the whole coin now on the off chance that you can’t manage the cost of it.

Like what you’re reading?

You can purchase in bits as low as one dollar. A $100 worth of Ethereun now in the following 3 year can be a lot of cash in the event that you are prepared to contribute it.

In the event that you are intrigued, Create a wallet with blockchain and purchase Ethereum on Luno with your credit card. You can move them to blockchain wallet or leave it on Luno and watch it grow.


Litecoin is another digital currency shaking the market nowadays.

How To Invest In Cryptocurrency

It’s a companion – to-peer digital money presented 6year ago. Early this year Litecoin was sold around $4 per coin. It’s worth $300 per coin now! That is more than 100k turn-up inside couple of month of speculation.

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A $100 interest in Litecoin early this year will make around 2m inside couple of months! ‎

In the event that intrigued by Litecoin, you can get It onChangelly 


Dashcoin just like the other digital currency was made on January 18, 2014, and its market cost is as of now $900 per coin.

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Monero: current price $312 created 3years ago.

Ripple: current price $0.800227

Steam: current price $1.99

IOTA: current price $3.91‎

Ethereum Classic: current price $30.55‎

The fact is that, there are several digital currencies flying up each day and I could continue forever.

Be that as it may, what we should know is, the best time to get them is the point at which they are still new. That is, not as much as a dollar.

How to invest 10000 in cryptocurrency

Get them and save them, suppose a year or two from now.

I know your heart might be racing already and ready to give it a shot.However, you should know better than investing in cryptocurrency carries a significant amount of risk.So when investing use your brains by educating yourself first on what you are about to invest in.

You can visit coinmarketcap to see the latest prices and the new cryptocurrencies entering the market every day.‎

For a few of us simply learning digital currency, we should realize that blockchain wallet just accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and bitcoin cash right now.

In the event that you are intrested in purchasing newer cryptos like me then you should look for different methods for storing your digital currency. ‎

The most effective method to store cryptocurrency:

Coinomi: This is a crypto application that enables you to store different digital currency together in one application.

I would advise not to save many cryptos on this and make sure to download your recovery phrase for backup.

Bitcoin Hardware Wallet: They are hack confirmed electronic gadget configured to keep or store your crypto coin in an offline settings.

Welcome to Blockgeeks

This is the most ideal approach to store your bitcoin. One should cost around $85.

Exchange site: you can also store your cryptos using exchange site. When you pay for the cryptocurrency you want to buy, it will be first credited to your exchange wallet account.

How to exchange cryptocurrency in bittrex

And which of course will be growing. This, however, might not be the best chance because there have been scenarios where exchange sites where hacked. The good thing is, these days most exchange sites offer stronger security unlike before. Hardware wallet is still the safest among them‎