How To Flip Cryptocurrency

How to flip cryptocurrency

Flipping Bitcoin- Earning $250 A Day.

The market of blockchain and cryptocurrency is bigger than ever these days and constantly continues to grow. There’s a lot of start-ups and new cryptocurrencies appearing every day and investors can feel overwhelmed sometimes.

How to flip cryptocurrency

Because of this, we offer our readers reviews of companies that might interest them. This time, we are going to review the Gameflip’s ICO of their FLIP coins.

Have you ever heard about this company?

What is Gameflip?

Gameflip is a company dedicated to improve the infrastructure of game sales between gamers themselves.

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The company was established in 2014 and, since then, has taken its share of customers in the industry, is responsible for the transaction of millions of digital goods.

Now, Gameflip is launching a new cryptocurrency, the FLIP tokens. The ICO of this new cryptocurrency is the first step of Gameflip to use blockchain technology to facilitate the life of gamers that want to commercialize games between themselves.

The company’s plan is to launch their service during 2018 and perfect it until the end of the year, to have it completely operational until 2019.

How will the FLIP token work?

Gameflip saw a problem in the game industry.

Gamers spend millions of dollars buying games, but those games lose all of their value when they are played and finished.

How to flip cryptocurrency

Because of this, the objective of using the FLIP tokens is to create an environment in which gamers can trade their games more freely.

The trade system will work using blockchain technology based in Proof-of-Stake system and the FLIP tokens. This way, gamers can use their tokens to trade games and currency amongst themselves without all of the uncertainty the online sales currently offers to people that exchange or sell products to other people.

Game publishers will also be approached to offer their games in the Gameflip’s platform.

The company states that their system will give “real ownership of digital products” to gamers, because they will buy the games and really be the owners of them again, just like when they used to buy them physically.

How to flip cryptocurrency

Also, the system is fraud-proof, which will make it more secure.

Finally, a share of the sales will go to the developers, giving them substantial incentives to put their games on this platform.

How to invest in Gameflip?

To invest in this company’s new service, you have to buy FLIP tokens.

The only way to buy these tokens is using Ethereum tokens, so if you use Bitcoin, you have to exchange it first.

How to flip cryptocurrency

The ICO will last about a month. It will begin on November 28 and it will go until December 30. Here are the prices:

Nov 28 – Dec 6: 20% discount (240 FLIP for 1 ETH)

Dec 6- 14: 15% discount (230 FLIP for 1 ETH)

Dec 14-22: 10% discount (220 FLIP for 1 ETH)

Dec 22-30: No discount (200 FLIP for 1 ETH)

Minimum purchase amount: 0.1 ETH

Maximum purchase amount: No limit.

The Verdict

Gameflip’s FLIP tokens are a very interesting initiative for gamer enthusiasts of blockchain technology.

The advantage of buying tokens with them is that the company is already established in the market, so you can feel safer this way.

How to flip cryptocurrency

Only time will tell if everything is going to happen according to Gameflip’s plans, but it still a solid bet.

If you fit into the demographic of Gameflip’s clients or you are already their client, it looks like it could be an interesting investment.