How To Begin Trading Bitcoin

How to begin trading bitcoin

How to begin trading bitcoin

Before we tell you how to start Bitcoin trading you should know the advantages of the Bitcoin market over the traditional markets.

Bitcoin has Global Market

Bitcoin price is not based on a single economy of a country, as happens with fiat currencies.

Fiat currency is based on the country development and government decisions (may collapse with a single decision), on the other hand, Bitcoin is traded on the globe and its value is not directly related to any country policies.

However, Bitcoin price is reacted to some major events like China ban cryptocurrency, USA and China trade war, and Venezuela, Argentina inflation rates.

Other important factors that play an important part in Bitcoin price are Adoption, Halving, Hashrate, Development (SegWit and Lightning Network).

Bitcoin Market is 24*7 Open

The bitcoin market is not like traditional markets (stock market, Forex market) that have an official exchange and close at a fixed time.

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Bitcoin has no official exchange but has hundreds of exchanges across the world that works 24*7. Bitcoin has no official exchange, therefore, there is a difference in the price across the different exchanges that will create arbitrage trading opportunities.

Bitcoin is Volatile

Bitcoin is well known for its volatile nature and quick up and downs in a short period of time.

How to begin trading bitcoin

Bitcoin daily average volatile for the last 60 days is more than 4 percent and the last 250 days average is 3.56 percent. The volatility catches the eye of a trader and good for quick profits.

How to begin trading bitcoin