How Much Will Travis Kallanick Make On Uber Ipo

How much will travis kallanick make on uber ipo

Re: Why not kill Uber off question

Honestly, I am much less impressed by the removal of the "human" cost of ride sharing.

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Talks Anger Management: "Yeah, I've Done Some Therapy"

The existing human vs. capital+operating cost of a taxi or "ride share" vehicle is already a minority, and covers a lot of secondary costs like cleaning the vehicle (in general and of vomit), stocking water bottles, helping move heavy items, chatting up the passenger and just being there to provide a human social input into behavior.

Adding $50,000 to $100,000+ of equipment to every vehicle - it is far from clear this changes the bottom line much especially since at least some of the tasks above will still require people.

Jonny Cabs sounded good in a movie, but that same movie showed just a few of the ways by which they can be horribly abused (and will be).

The car companies have to play this game since they have to insure against being "obsoleted".

Nonetheless, the physics of ride sharing is far from clearly a net benefit.

How much will travis kallanick make on uber ipo

The massive traffic jams in San Francisco composed of 30 to 50 thousands of ride share cars (vs. the 200K commuter cars) show that the environmental "benefits" of ride sharing are far from clearly positive.

Self driving buses are a little more interesting except for the problem of dead bicyclists and pedestrians.

How much will travis kallanick make on uber ipo

Experienced bus drivers and cyclists/pedestrians avoid a lot of accidents, but there are still plenty of idiots, resulting in a number of deaths every year. A self driving bus in the era of laser pointers in pilot's eyes, much less malicious attack, I can only imagine the resulting carnage.

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How much will travis kallanick make on uber ipo