How Create Own Cryptocurrency Forknote

How create own cryptocurrency forknote

How create own cryptocurrency forknote

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Create your own cryptocurrency 101


  • This is a work in progress
  • The goal of this guide is to create:
    • A premined cryptocurrency
    • node
    • simplewallet
    • walletd
    • miner
    • GUI wallet
  • You need at least two Ubuntu 16.04 servers before you start to act as seed nodes

On one of the nodes

Now, on the same node

On both nodes

Finally, on your local computer

Genesis block reward address

To compile your coin on Ubuntu 16.04

To compile your coin on Windows 10


Q: How do I get the genesis block reward?

  • A: You need to start mining, by default you will get the reward after mining past block 10

Q: How do I speed up the reward of the geneis block?


Q: Do you need to send more initial coins?

  • A: Edit the value of MAX_BLOCK_SIZE_INITIAL

Q: Need a reference repo?

Q: What extenions are recommended for my coin?

  • A: Depends on your coin, but these should do the trick:
    • "core/bytecoin.json"
    • "versionized-parameters.json"
    • "print-genesis-tx.json"
    • "genesis-block-reward.json"
    • "bug-fixes.json"
    • "zawy-difficulty-algorithm.json"
    • "enable-cors.json"
    • "blockchain-explorer.json"

Q: What is mixin?

Q: How to fix "Wallet Sync Issue [Proof of work too weak for block]"?

Q: Why there is a sudded spike of difficulty mining the first blocks?

  • There is a bug that makes the difficulty of 5th or 6th block very high if the miner mines the first blocks very fast.

    Create your own Bitcoin (forknote with premined coin)

    A workaround now is to stop the miner right after you start it, before it mines 4 blocks. Then wait a few seconds and then relaunch it.

To create a GUI for your coin (work in progress)

To compile it under Windows 10

To compile it under OS X

MAC Wallet #mac #intensecoin

xcode-select --install brew install cmake brew install boost brew install qt

Download YourcoinCode Download Intensecoin Code: (We only need Wallet, PaymentGateService, External folders from here) REPLACE: YourcoinCode/Wallet, YourcoinCode/PaymentGateService, YourcoinCode/External WITH:

Intensecoin/Wallet, Intensecoin/PaymentGateService, Intensecoin/External

Download IntencoinWallet GUI cd IntencoinWallet rm -Rf cryptonote ln -s ../YourcoinCode cryptonote

mkdir build && cd build && cmake -DSTATIC=1 -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/qt/5.10.0_1 ..

How create own cryptocurrency forknote

&& make

cd Build /usr/local/Cellar/qt/5.10.0_1/bin/./macdeployqt -dmg

Files you need to modify in your coin to match intensecoingui and be able to compile under Windows 10

  • external/rocksdb
  • external/CMakeLists.txt
  • src/PaymentGateService/PaymentGateService.cpp
  • src/Wallet/WalletGreen.cpp
  • src/Wallet/WalletGreen.h
  • tests/CMakeLists.txt
  • CMakeLists.txt

Files you need to edit to change the ticker on intensecoingui

  • src/CryptoNoteWrapper/CryptoNoteAdapter.cpp
  • CryptoNoteWallet.cmake

If you do a search and replace on intensecoingui (intensecoin to fakecoin and/or intense coin to fakecoin), you need to rename the following files

  • src/images/intensecoin.icns to fakecoin.icns
  • src/images/intensecoin.ico to fakecoin.ico
  • src/images/intensecoin.png to fakecoin.png
  • intensecoinwallet.desktop to fakecoinwallet.desktop
  • intensecoinwallet.qss to fakecoinnwallet.qss

Files you need to modify to change the branding of intensecoingui

  • src/icons/logo.png
  • src/icons/logo_bl.png
  • src/images/cryptonote.ico
  • src/images/cryptonote.icns
  • src/images/cryptonote.png
  • src/images/intensecoin.ico
  • src/images/intensecoin.icns
  • src/images/intensecoin.png
  • src/images/splash.png