How Can Blockchains Cryptocurrencies Shape Business Decision Making

How can blockchains cryptocurrencies shape business decision making

Topic: Blockchain

20 double spaced pages including references

Imagining the impact of Blockchain Technology on Decision Making
– Briefly discuss the development and purpose of the blockchain.
– Discuss what the blockchain is?
– Discuss cryptocurrencies and their relationship to blockchains
-How can blockchains/cryptocurrencies shape business decision making?
-How does decision making shape our valuation of cryptocurrencies?
-How should we value blockchains/cryptocurrencies?
– Pick one or a group of cryptocurrencies and discuss how these technologies will impact business decision making within a particular industry.
– Discuss how this technology might impact or disrupt current business practices and decisions.
-How should business/political leaders respond to this technology?
(Road map)
• Ask a question
• Why is the question important?
Contract or outline (how you will answer the question)
1: I will demonstrate how block chain……
2: Then, I will talk about….

What do we know about the question?

(state what people say about the question)
Ex: People say that blockchain is transparent and secured

• Thesis statement (my perspective)
• State data and evidence
• State results and make an analysis (Interpreting your answer to the question)

State the question and answer (Result)

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