Forex Trading With Funded Account

Forex trading with funded account

Take Your Trading Career to the Next Level

No more restrictions on your trading style.

Forex trading with funded account

No more restrictions on your trading account growth. No more waiting to get paid until you reach your profit target.

Forex trading with funded account

And we fund you up to $2,000,000.

City traders imperium is offering you the opportunity to start your career as a professional trader. No matter what trading strategy you use, or what type of trader you are, show us you can trade and we will fund you.

Have you been trading for years but never been able to grow your trading account?

Should You Join These Funded Trading Programs? (Watch This First!)

We have designed our forex funded accounts to help your trading account grow exponentially.

Pass our evaluation program, and get x4 times the initial trading capital. After that, we will double your account every time you reach a 10% target.

And the best of all, you don’t need to wait to reach the profit target to get paid. We will pay you monthly as long as you are in profit.

So you can trade, earn, and grow your trading account at a remarkable speed, unmatched by any of our competitors.

With one less step between you and your success as a forex trader, you will experience, with more clarity than ever before, how it feels to trade like a professional trader.


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Forex trading with funded account