Forex Trading Secrets Amos Tsopotsa

Forex trading secrets amos tsopotsa

Forex trading secrets amos tsopotsa

I come to you , forex peace army ,so that you help us expose the criminal activities of the broker JP Markets and save the most people possible from these scammers.

You have this ability and are globally recognized for it.

JP Markets has a Dealing Desk and also a B Book.

They trades against their customers, manipulates the trades and when people are in profit, it is impossible to close the trades.
They always tell the same escuses (problem with the provider , FxPrimus), connection problem blablabla.

And they block the account and withdraw all the money you earned.

Many people for years complained about their activities but they never got justice.

Recently the most glaring case was of the South African Grand Trader
, Amos Tsopotsa and those hundreds of customers who were ripped off directly by JP Markets.

Amos did not have the opportunity to close his trades in profits, he used 5 different devices, impossible to close.

he even called a representative of JP Markets (Shelly) to close his trades and she asked him to make an official request and to send it via email, afterwards can be tried to close these trades.

And oddly when these trades became negative, he could now closed them.

This happened directly in the eyes of hundreds of people (clients).

The scam was too blatant!

They all lost their money.

Thousands of people have decided go against these scammers

there are voices notes implying even the CEO of jp markets Justin Paulsen, who had no argument against this scam, several screen shots and evidences concerning dealing desk and B book.

They even reimboursed all people they scammed because they were ashamed and were exposed

there is a telegram link with all the evidence, and we ask you, FPA, to come and see by yourself all the evidence (Screenshoot, voice notes etc ..) involving FPA and give your judgment by yourself :

This is a global campaign against them.
They are the ones who are giving a very bad image of Forex and trading by doing so.

We do not do it especially to obtain justice, but to save all people against these guys who will do everything to scam people's money

Thank you


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