Forex Trading Macbook Pro

Forex trading macbook pro

For a long time, I was adamantly against buying a Mac because there were certain important programs that would only run on a PC.

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Most of those programs were trading programs, of course.

I actually learned how to use a computer on an Apple IIe:

Later, I used to hang out at my friend's house and play on his Macintosh Classic. Apple was always ahead of their time in terms of user friendliness and advanced technology.

Forex Trading On Mac: The Must-Have Tools I Use!

But they were never accepted by mainstream corporate America and thus never really got any traction.

Fast forward to the current day. Upon using my “Dell MacMini” and my girlfirend's MacBook Pro, I have realized that Macs have finally gotten to the point where there is NO good reason not to buy one, even if you are a trader.

This is just my opinion of course, but if you love Macs, but don't think you can trade on them, this post is for you.

I'm going to go through what you need to get up and trading on a Mac and never deal with a crappy Windows computer again.

Some programs just require Windows

It is a sad fact, but the majority of trading programs and broker trading platforms only work with Windows.

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So what is a Mac-loving trader to do? There are several solutions out there, but the program that I use and really like is VMWare Fusion.

It allows you run Windows programs inside OSX just as if they were Mac programs:

You can run Windows 7, Vista (if you really want to) or XP and even other operating systems such as Linux.

Forex trading macbook pro

Now, you must be wondering how well Windows runs on a Mac.

I thought that it would be slow and crash a lot. To my surprise however, Windows ran really well.

In fact, in my experience, I would say that Windows actually runs better on the Mac than on a PC. I found that quite surprising, but yet another reason to get a Mac.

So with VMWare Fusion, you can run any trading program you want.

Forex trading macbook pro

This opens up the rock solid Mac platform to traders.

No Viruses

Probably the best thing about Macs is that you don't have to run anti-virus software on them. For me, this is great because sometimes I wonder which is worse, the viruses or the anti-virus software.

Now, if you use VMWare Fusion and install Windows, then you will probably need to get anti-virus for the Windows installation.

Forex trading macbook pro

But if you are only running trading programs and not surfing the internet or opening email in Windows, then you might be able to get by without anti-virus software in Windows.

Wireless Internet

Another thing that really impresses me about Macs is how easy it is to connect to a wireless internet connection.

In Windows, it can be an adventure to get the connected but somehow OSX makes it really easy.

In addition, I use a Verizon EVDO USB modem to get internet on the road and even that works better in on a Mac.

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The Verizon software connects faster and doesn't crash as much as on a PC. There is a nice little status icon at the top of the screen that shows everything about the connection.

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Not like the huge obtrusive window that shows up in Windows.

Having a reliable internet connection is particularly important for traders because if our connection goes down in the middle of a trade, we could be losing money every minute that we are trying to get connected again. Knock on wood, that has not happened to me yet, but I don't want to find out what can happen when real money is on the line.


So there you have it!

Forex trading macbook pro

If you have been wanting to buy a Mac but held off because you thought you won't be able to run your trading programs, then you don't have to drool over a Mac anymore.

As soon as I start making money again, I'm going to get a full blown MacBook Pro for myself and get rid of my laptop PC's.

MetaTrader 4 – Mac

Until then, I'm just going to ‘borrow' my girlfriends 17″ MacBook Pro.

The reason I like it the most is because it a much more pleasant computer to use. I don't worry about programs crashing and everything is simple an intuitive.

Click here to see all the specs on the MacBook Pro and check out the beautiful design.

Of course this is totally unnecessary, an old PC like the one I use works great for trading, but what is the point of making money if you can't get some cool toys in the process?

Trade well,



– My girlfriend recently bought the Magic Mouse too.

Forex trading macbook pro

It is cool, a touchpad mouse! You can even buy it and use it on a PC. Click here to find out how.

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