Cme Most Traded Options

Cme most traded options

Q3 2018 Leading Products

The Leading Products Guide provides a snapshot of CME Group's top futures and options contracts by average daily volume and open interest across Interest Rates, Equity Index, Foreign Exchange (FX), Agricultural Commodities, Energy and Metals.

This resource also highlights information on recent product launches and global partnership data.

Product Highlights:

  • Interest Rates - Treasury futures volume increased 13% YoY, led by 34% growth in Ultra 10-Year futures
  • Equity Index - S&P 500 Total Return Index futures (TRI) open interest surpassed 200K contracts; $25.6B notional
  • FX - Record trading in FX Link reaching almost 18K contracts in early October
  • Agriculture - Uncertainty in trade talks has led to rising open interest in Hog options, +32%, and Soybean futures, +26%, YoY
  • Energy - Henry Hub futures (NG) hit record open interest, surpassing 1.66M contracts, and traded a record 68% electronically in Henry Hub options (LN) 
  • Metals - Copper futures and options reached 138K ADV, up 24% YoY.

All data as of Q3 2018 unless otherwise specified.

Further information:

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