Best Forex Trading Ai Free Download

Best forex trading ai free download


AI-Forex Robot

The A.I.

Best forex trading ai free download

Forex Robot trades on a EURUSD H1 chart. It is nice that they actually describe the trading rules of the EA in the manual. I did get a backtest 2005 until today.

Best Auto Trading Forex Ea 2019- Free download

Well, drawdowns are more like 85% and I looking at that backtest. The EA might just be optimized for 2009.

I would argue there is not much AI in there (or it might be a matter of definitions) but sometimes simpler strategies seem to generate good results.

Developed by: Donald Wilberg.

Best forex trading ai free download

AI Forex Robot is a EURUSD trend trader which is claimed to triple an account each month with low drawdown. If you trust back-tests, the one for AI Forex Robot for the 1st nine months of 2009 show the EA made 361 trades of which 77.29% were profitable with Net profit was over 279% and a 10.5% max drawdown.

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Best forex trading ai free download