Artificial Intelligence Forex Trading Bot

Artificial intelligence forex trading bot

Artificial intelligence forex trading bot


Prior to finding the various red flags with this company: SilverStarLiveSoftware (operating under Silver Star Live LLC) - I paid $199 for an "Artificial Intelligence FOREX Trading Software" which the company claims to place small risk trades on behalf of the user for an average profit of at least $400/month.

Although I realize this sounds very goofy - I know various people which have been using the software without complaints.

However, upon signing up I encountered various difficulties and took the first opportunity I could to get my money back. Since opening an account with this company on 3/6/19 I have been emailing them regularly without luck.

On 3/18/19 a representative claimed my refund was being processed and to allow 7-10 business days for the funds to be placed into my account.

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It has been more than 10 days as today is April 2nd.

A few additional details:
The company advertises a guaranteed refund if requested by the consumer within 7 days of purchase - I requested a refund the day of 3/6/19.

Additionally, they advertise 24 hour support - there is no such thing.

I am lucky if I get a response every 2-3 days.

Their phone lines are dead ends. They have a prerecorded voicemail which says their representatives are busy and to leave a voicemail or to log into your account to access a 24/7 representative.

Upon asking for a refund, my account has been closed and I am unable to reach a single person from their operation.

I've been promised refunds via mail, deposited into my account, and most recently via PayPal - none of which have materialized.

I'm unable to use my bank for help although I've tried multiple times.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly the CEO of the business is operating under the name of "Quicksilver." Only after signing up for the service was I able to discover his real name is Dave Myers - who has already been convicted for credit card fraud.

After contacting the FTC, it is my belief you are my last line of defense - please assist me in retrieving my money back, you are my last hope!

Thank you.

What's your desired resolution?

Artificial intelligence forex trading bot

I would appreciate your help in receiving a full refund.

What's the value of your claim (in US $)? 199

Date of transaction/travel date: 03/06/2019


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