Are Options Trading Today

Are options trading today


People ask, “How do you know what stocks to pick?” The answer to that question can be very simple or very difficult.

Are options trading today

Here at Options 4 Today, we try and keep it simple and pick companies with good, solid fundamentals and follow the numbers (technical indicators). We also look for solid historical and expected returns, good cash flow, and low debt levels.

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We also watch for Wall Street to make a mistake and undervalue a stock.

A stock becomes a pick based on 3 or 4 core items, such as; its technical trends – its moving averages. These are watched these to see what direction our stocks are headed.

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We also watch market trends for news that will impact that stock’s industry and its performance. These are the common sense strategies that enable us to pick good stocks, then buy a Deep-in-the-Money Call that will at some point, enable us to cash out.

Are options trading today

In the end, this simple stock replacement, income producing, investment strategy allows us to cash out again, and again.


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Since 2008 – 655 and 3 USING DEEP IN THE MONEY CALLS

Here is a quick overview of our strategy.

Understanding the strategy is the key to learning how to follow the system.

First, let’s define the basic terms: What is a Deep-in-the Money Call? A call is defined as an option contract that gives the holder the right to buy the underlying security at a specific price, on or before a certain date.

Are options trading today

It is considered “in the money” when the strike price is less than the current trading price of the underlying security.

As stock prices decline, a deep in-the-money the call option is considered. As stock prices increase, calls are cashed out and a deep in-the-money put option is considered.

Trading DITM calls is a “stock replacement, income producing” strategy, it is not a buy and hold strategy.

Now to the rules.

I target companies that have been unfairly beaten down by Wall Street.

Are options trading today

I then usually buy DITM calls with a limit order. Trading DITM calls gives me access to the world’s best companies at a fraction of the cost if I were to purchase the underlying common stock.

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Each option contract lets me control 100 shares of the company’s stock.